Sunday, March 28, 2010

Don't Compare, Adapt. Tuesday 23rd March 2010

What a day! Left the hotel and all the Lamitar peeps, emotional lol. Felt like we were all just settling in to Nepali life and then we had to up and go and face the REAL shizzle. Flippin' early aswell, I actually had a hangover from some wierd chocolate tasting brandy of the night before!

Upon arriving in Sirutar the vibe was proper friendly, with the little ones waving and shouting "Hi" and the elders greeting us with "Namaste" the Nepali greeting. I love doing the greeting!! Will show you all when I return.
When I got to my host family only ama (mum) was in and with her basic knowledge of English and my embarrassing attempt at Nepalese coupled with nerves it was a little uncomfortable and I was actually relieved to have to leave and meet the rest of the group.

We did a tour of the community and checked out all the volunteers' houses and it really looked like I had got the short straw! Some of the houses had 4 floors made of marble, kitted out with computers, internets, pets, amazing 360 degree views and really comfortable looking showers and toilets.
But once I returned to my home, I picked up a better vibe, mainly because my sisters were home and they had conversational English. I had a lot of fun with them and their friends catching jokes about the hottest Nepali boys in the village. Of which there are none by the way.

What I have noticed is how the younger generation are not so strict with regards to arrange marriage. My neighbour lives with her 'more than boyfriend' as they say and they have a tiny 1 year old yet are not married. It's good to see that the elders are being a little more open minded and more aware that change is needed amongst the younger generation as it adapts.

New random fact, having a big forehead means you are lucky, as so kindly mentioned by my sis Sumi when she saw my spam! Damn right I'm lucky, lucky enough to be in this amazing country and able to see things and integrate in ways no tourist can.

I am blessed.

Work on the school starts tomorrow, and I have already been advised by the previous volunteer who stayed here that the shower will be blitz! Might have to be a stinker lol. Happy times.

Oh and my family have given me a Nepali name: Sunita

Miss you all! xxx

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