Sunday, April 11, 2010

Dealing With Demons

This village seems to be the ONLY place Beyonce could come and not get harrassed, they don't know who she is! As found out by my attempt to freshen up my usual banal answer to the cries of, "what is your name?" They know about Michael Jackson though!

I haven't had a chance to type these up in a while because the internet cafe of the village got robbed. All 8 computers stolen on one of the rainy nights of last week stripping this poor man of his livelihood.
The guy was caught later, and arrested and it was hoped that because the police had found evidence of previous offences on him, (use of prostitutes, large amount of american dollars) that he would get sent down, although he was released from custody yesterday.

Nepal is a banana republic at the moment, no actual laws as they only recently ended their civil war (2 years ago) and the ministers in power are still fighting over which laws they want to remain effective and which to repeal or ammend.
Although, the people of Nepal still abide by the old laws untill these foolios at the top can sort themselves out.

Last weekend we all went down to Thamel, tourist central and stayed in the hotel we were at when we first arrived. Only the equivalent of 3.50 a night! Even though it's pretty cheap out here, im becoming a tight-arse lol. Especially when people out there are out there to boops you, so I have almost perfected my haggling skills. A probably fake North face holdall down from 2000 rupees (about 20 quid) to 1000 rupees, brap!

It felt so good to get down to Pizza Hut and munch on some Western Food. I went on a cheese rampage, all about the garlic bread and CHEESE, and a whole pizza with DOUBLE CHEESE. The waitress must've thought we were starving marvins coz we all got a pizza each, with the hungriest souls getting family sized- nutters.
As I said before I don't have it that bad at my home, I get variety but some of the other volunteers get Dhaal Bhat Tarkari for breakfast and dinner every damn day.
Had some beers aswell, felt like we deserved it! Being used to drinking every day in London, it feels great to be getting a mini detox, dealing with demons I had previously been too numb to face and having support from certain people in the group. And now i can actually say I would like a drink rather than I NEED a drink.

There are so many festivals out here, like 1 a week. Next one in 2 days time where you wear tikka (red dye and rice) on your fore head and eat meat. Can't wait for that, been straight veggie since I got here. Could do with a fat beef burger but that's a london ting as cows are sacred here.
Next week is Nepali new year, the year 2067 will be arriving soon!

Don't think I've mentioned the work we have been doing here in Sirutar. It is serious manual labour, digging sand, wheelbarrowing cement, mixing it, erecting pillars, moving bricks. I think I'm getting some good tonage, although my arm muscles are making me sick! At least I should be good to go for London's week we call summer.

Anywho ma timlai samjhi raheko chu ( I miss you) and hope all is good.
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Peace Out!

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