Sunday, April 25, 2010

Ranting and Raving 19/4/10

Firstly, this bloody internet is soooooo damn slow! Arrgh, can't even check my facebook messages!

Technically been here for 4 weeks and 4 days now, and it actually feels like an eternity. I still have longer here than I have actually been away. Madness!

Today we visited Maiti Nepal, a place for Nepali children and women who have been trafficked or have nowhere to stay due to contracting Hiv.

I didn't like it there, beadying in to all the kids like it was some zoo. It was good to buy a few things in the shop, as you know exactly where it was going.

I am soooooooooo frustrated with the lack of freedom, particularly not being able to wash my clothes when I want! Its so hard to plan the week if only the Lord knows when I will be blessed with clean frigging clothes. Will have to sort this out today coz I cant take it.

The biggest thing that is getting to me though is the large amount of miscommunication that goes on. We have all met people who speak way better english than the people we have to work with on a daily basis aka the project supervisor and his right hand man. Even at home with the family, its really almost hopeless talking about particular issues because there is an 80% chance they wont understand. The basic nepali class we get once a week helps slightly, although I pick up more when conversating (or trying to) with the fam.

So what's been going on? Nepali New Year, a public holiday and guess what we had to work, only a half day but by the time I got home the whole fam had already left to go about their celebrations. What was fun was visiting the 2 temples in the morning, hundreds of people milling around, praying and generally celebrating. The second temple was up about 150 steep steps, so that was a work out and a half. We then went on to climb partially up a mountain, amazing views that I wish I could show you now but the slowness of the computer is saying otherwise.

The internet shop only recently became up and running again, poor man had to take out a loan to get new comps, and only last week some fish cut the cables for the internet and phone in Sirutar so no net again. Although it is fixed now!

New years day was also mother's day aswell, although I didnt notice anything too different aside from the vast amount of sweets and sticky dough thing as thats what ama likes. Delicious by the way.

Learnt something interesting yesterday in the global discussion we do every sunday. The topic was Government and when asked about crime fighting in the villages we were told the community is left to solve crimes themselves and only when they couldn't would the police or higher services step in to help. That could mean that people could potentially disapear Hot Fuzz stylee! If everyone in the community wanted it that way.

I presented last sunday on the topic Poverty and Development, a few quick facts on Nepal:
  • Is the 12th poorest country in the world
  • Life expectancy is 64 years on average
  • They receive financial age from the USA, Korea, China, Japan, India and the UK
  • UK bilateral aid 2008/09- 58 million pounds

Speak soon!


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