Sunday, April 25, 2010

Halfway Through 22/4/10

I don't wanna go home! I know it's only the halfway stage but so much has gone on that it feels so fricking fast. Gotta make sure every minute counts.

So animal cruelty is the name of this week. There are loads of stray dogs here, most of them older however there is this trio of pups that are oh so cute. The week started with us seeing that the black one was really ill and couldn't stand on its feet, teetering and shaking when we went to stroke it. There was and is nothing we could do because if he did have an owner, they would be pissed if we tried giving him water at least. Couple of days later he was eating a rat. Nice! Seems to have done the job giving that he is still here.
One of the other brown pups looked fine till i noticed that his side profile was dented along the jawline. He opened his mouth and it became evident that someone had kicked his jaw in leaving him no way to eat. Haven't seen him since.

My neighbour has finally died also, he had been ill for ages and refused to see a conventional doctor so it was inevitable. So sure in fact that his body cremated the same day. Which reminds me that we saw a body being cremated in the first week, straight out in the open on a couple of bamboo sticks over a fire, the smell was horrendous and unforgetable.
So the grieving neighbours son was walking past our project site and it was clear who he was as any family member of the bereaved must wear white for a whole year. As he was strolling (slightly intoxicated), one of the stray dogs that hang out near the site started to back at him. My man decided to gou out of his way, pick up the dog and THROW him off the cliff down into our worksite about 9 foot below. That was f-d, I had to shout out oi because that was nothing to do with culture, it was pure cruelty.

Gonna sum up a few things in bullet points, because the slowness is really starting to piss me off!
  • rolled around in a sari on thursday, was real fun, pics to come!
  • went to the tailors and am having a trouser pant suit thing made to fit
  • some woman got bitch slapped at the project site by her bro for embarrasing the family by running off with a man who is already married
  • going to narkagot (sunrise and sunset) this weekend coming
  • sent out some postcards to a lucky few
  • facebook inbox still aint working so txt me ur add if you still want one
  • message me your home phone numbers and good times to call, as it is only about 2p a minute to phone land lines in the UK

miss ya all, see you all soon


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