Sunday, April 11, 2010

Here It Comes!

Flash, "Who just took that photo?" Silence
Flash, "It's lightning!"
Cracking across the sky in the far off distance, count until the thunder comes.
1, 2, 3, 4, 5,........10 miles off.

Reach home, everybody is packing up
Cows, chickens, goats all being led into the ark.
However Nepali language class awaits, 5pm sharp.
Later on at the office (6.30pm), "You need to home, it's coming"
"What is?"

Feck, off we go, its a ghost town out here
Lightning penetrating the threateningly crimson sky directly above
Flash, surrounded by wires and metal poles I don't exactly feel safe
It is pouring, soaking my unprepared self

"Wait my flip flop!" I wait, drenched to the bone
The wind is blowdrying my hair into a sick 'fro
Silence. Absolute silence.
Flash, thunder, flash thunder. It is right above us.
The loudest roar erupts, "Oh FUCK, here it comes!"
She is right, paintball pellets shoot down from the bastard of a cloud.
It is blitz.

Feels like a synthesised storm fresh from the studio
My soaked through plimsoles and red raw hands beg to differ
This is real.
Wow, the sky is smiling in pinks and violets now
"I'm moving on!" it seems to say
Just as I slip and slide through the front door.

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